Tomo’s Pokétips 2!

Pokémon Tips

Audino Grinding

So you’ve completed the game, (I’m just guessing you have after reading my awesome guide) and even if you haven’t this will be quite handy.

Audino is an interesting Pokémon you can find it in any grassy area from Route 1 to Giant Chasm. It can only be found in shaking grass patches and it’s worth looking out for them because defeating one will reward you with a massive amount of experience points.  Now that by itself is quite handy but when you combine this with a Pokémon holding a Lucky Egg then you’re laughing. If you have a level 1 Pokémon that’s lucky enough to knockout a level 4 Audino if it’s holding a Lucky Egg then your Pokémon could easily get to something like level 12. It’s good for training Pokémon for your second attempt at the Elite 4 or filling up your Pokedex quickly. Be warned though, once you start Audino Grinding it’s hard to go back to the old-fashioned way.

Trade Evolution-Part 1

Trading is brilliant. If you want to get all the Pokémon you’re gonna have to trade at some point, even if you’re one of those sad people who trade with themselves…I just hurt my own feelings. Also, traded Pokémon get a X1.5 Exp boost (X1.7 if the Pokémon is from another country). So let me get to my main point. A handful of Pokémon evolve via trading. Some of them you only need to trade to evolve but the vast majority need to hold an item while being traded. So here is a list of Pokémon that evolve trough trading:

Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast and Shelmet.

(it should be noted that Karrablast and Shelmet will only evolve if traded with each other)

The Cradily of Life

When you complete Black or White and unlock the national Pokedex go back to Twist Mountain. There is a man there who will give you a fandom fossil every day. He appears in the room before the Ice Rock. There are 7 fossils attainable so if you’re lucky you can get them all in a week, if not you might just keep getting the same fossil over and over (Damn you Shieldon!!). Just take your fossil to the Nacrene City Museum (the second Gym) and talk to the woman at the front desk to revive it, just make sure you have a space in your party for the new Pokémon. The only fossils you can’t get are the ones introduced in Black and White, hopefully you already got one from the guy in Relic Castle. You can only pick one in Relic Castle so you’ll have to trade for the one you don’t get. So the fossils you can get from Twist Mountain are:

The Helix Fossil, the Dome Fossil, Old Amber, the Root Fossil, the Claw Fossil, the Armour Fossil and the Skull Fossil.

I won’t tell you what Pokémon you get from the fossils, because veterans should already know and for you newbies half the fun is finding out!

Boss battle

So I bet your feeling pretty cocky right now. You’ve beat the Elite 4 and taken down team Plasma, but are you ready to take on the big boys- boy… well are you? In Castelia City you’ll find the Game Freak building. Inside you’ll find Morimoto a man who has worked on almost every Pokémon game since Red and Green (no I don’t mean Blue, look it up). So his team must be really kick ass right? Right? Let’s look at the stats:

Trainer: GAME FREAK Morimoto

Pokémon: Liepard Lv. 75, Swoobat Lv. 75, Zebstrika Lv. 77, Simipour Lv. 75, Simisear Lv. 75, Simisage Lv. 75

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with this team. I mean we’ve seen all these Pokémon in one form or another during the main story during gym battles or the Elite 4. He could have had his choice of any Pokémon and this is what he comes out with *sigh*. So first up is that Liepard, it’s pure dark so a fighting Pokémon should make short work of it. Next up is that Swoobat, so don’t keep that fighting Pokémon out, switch out for a strong dark, ice, rock or electric Pokémon. Swoobat are quite fast so just to be on the safe side have something strong enough to take a hit. Zebstrika: well, a strong ground move should take care of it. Now for the 3 monkeys. It’s quite funny, the first gym leader used one of the monkeys. It’s like coming full circle. They all know Crunch, Payback and Acrobatics, so save any psychic, fighting, bug and possible grass Pokémon, you should know what type they are by now, just use appropriate Pokémon. All you get for winning is some money, but money can be used to buy things! So in many ways it’s more useful than a shiny trinket. Morimoto can be re-challenged once a day every day.

You may think that this is the last major trainer in the game but there’s one more…

Trade Evolution-Part 2

In generation II Pokémon were able to start holding items and so held trade evolution was born, a convenient excuse to evolve old Pokémon. If fans complained or asked questions about why these Pokémon couldn’t evolve before Game Freak could just say “ oh, that item wasn’t invented until now”. Seems a little bit cheap but hey, what’re you gonna do? Let’s get started. Poliwhirl and Slowpoke can both evolve if traded with a King’s Rock. Onix and Scyther have to hold a Metal Coat. Porygon needs an Up-Grade and Porygon2 evolves with a Dubious Disk. Calmperl has two evolutions, to get one trade it holding a DeepSeaTooth, to get the other trade it holding a DeepSeaScale. Rhydon needs a Protector (ha-ha), Electabuzz needs an Electirizer, Magmar needs a Magmarizer and Dusclops needs a Reaper Cloth. Due to a change in-game mechanics between generation IV and V Feebas has a new evolution method trade it with a Beauty Scale and get a wonderful Milotic.

Next time I talk about evolution I’ll be talking about evolution stones. They’re shiny so that should hold your attention.

One-hit wonder!

The first in my general battle tips. Some day you guys could be beating me in a random online battle! There are 4 moves in the game that will knock out a Pokémon instantly.  There is a price however, as these moves have low PP and accuracy meaning they aren’t every reliable. The move will also fail if it is used against a Pokémon with a higher level than the Pokémon using the move. There are some ways to protect yourself against these moves.  Because of the types the moves are, they can’t affect a Pokémon with Wonder Guard. Pokemon with the ability Sturdy or holding a Focus Sash will be left with one HP. The one-hit KO moves are: Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill and Sheer Cold.

Next time I talk about battle tips I’ll hopefully be able to help out some of you that are having trouble with triple battles. If you’re really stuck it helps to have at least 3 Pokémon in your team.


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